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RinKou reviews Atlantica Online (PC)

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RinKou said...

It's an MMORPG, and a free one at that. I figure those aren't well-known for being well-done. But it gets the job done. It's megasfun, and delivers on its promises. Those promises being a great turn-based party combat system, and loads of cute girl models.

I've always tended to prefer eastern RPGs over western ones due to their party-systems, and hell, this delivers in droves. The party system is great, the addition of a time-limit to the turn-based system is amazing. It doesn't seem like much until you start playing with friends, at which point, 30 seconds is way to short to line up your orders for nine characters when there's a 27-on-27 battle going on.

That, and the fantasy-steampunk setting is awesome. I'm a sucker for enchanted guns, and hell if this doesn't deliver there too(also chainsaws!).

The music is nice, the voice acting ranges from tolerable to terrible, the writing's weak. But hey, it's a free MMO, what do you expect? Course, not every quest writer is terrible. One of the quest-giving NPCs even says it's easier to just buy the items at a store for one of his fetch-quests. It really is a fun game, despite being time-consuming and entirely too obviously Korean-made. Does Korea really need four major cities? China has like, three. And it's, you know. China.

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    turn-based combat, Turn-based strategy
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Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online (PC)

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